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At Eye Works, we offer the Frames and lenses engineered to provide a balance of target and background brightness and are tailored to golfers' needs. These lenses are specifically selected to provide optimum visual stimulation and distinct object illumination and provide unparallel eye protection, superior visual acuity along with astounding clarity across the green. No excuse to miss an eagle!

All our golf sunglasses feature specific lens shape specifically tailored to deepen the lower field of vision and increase precision while striking the ball.

The design of the lenses is designed to widen the field of vision, prevent any obstruction and ensure increased protection from atmospheric elements Our POLAR 3FX technology protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and eliminates glare by selectively filtering nonharmful wavelengths through the lens.


POLAR 3FX technology is designed to filter glare from car headlights, sun rays and the refracted light on wet or shiny surfaces like water and snow. Plus, the all POLAR 3FX lenses feature the HDR filter which is fine-tuned to maximize your safety by improving contrast in urban, mountain and road bike environments. 


The result is a bright and comfortable vision, sharper details perception and brighter colors with a considerable reduction in eye fatigue.


Great selection of quality products! Whenever I need new frames, whether for eyeglasses or sunglasses, this is my go-to store. Never disappointed in the selection or the assistance provided in selecting the perfect pair. Adjustments to the frames are made without question whenever needed. In my experience from being a customer for many years, Eye Works strives to provide quality products made to the customer’s satisfaction. Highly recommended!

—  Ajay Sufi

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