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12 hidden signs your child may need glasses

Childhood vision problems can make their presence known in less-than-obvious ways. The signs aren't always as clear-cut as seeing your child squint or hearing them talk about blurry vision.

Eyesight imperfections are common among school-age kids, and treatment can be as simple as a pair of prescription glasses. But if vision problems are left undiagnosed or untreated, they can have lasting effects on a child’s eye health, schooling and confidence engaging in normal activities.

These subtle signs may suggest vision problems in children:

  1. They tend to close one eye during activities like reading or watching TV

  2. They avoid activities that require near vision (reading, homework, computer use) or distance vision (sports, other recreational activities)

  3. Their grades are lower than normal

  4. They tell you that their eyes are tired, or they have a headache

  5. They rub their eyes a lot

  6. They seem sensitive to light

  7. Their eyes tear up for no apparent reason

  8. They hold books unusually close to their face

  9. They lose their place as they read

  10. They use their finger to guide their eyes along the page

  11. They sit very close to TVs or computer screens

  12. They squint or tilt their head to see better

Blurry vision may be interfering with your child's ability to learn in school. Regular eye exams can detect and correct this and other vision problems.

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