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Your vision should not be limited to certain house brands that a company offers. At Eye Works, we are able to offer some of the most successfully designed contact lenses providing you with optimum vision and comfort. We have contacts available to target specific eye problems like dry eyes, astigmatism, difficulty reading, and occupational and computer needs.


Ciba VisionJohnson & JohnsonBausch & Lomb, and Cooper Vision are the leaders in their industry and work closely with our independent Doctors of Optometry in order to bring you the latest in contact lens technology. Our commitment to your success in wearing these lenses continues with our 90 days complimentary follow-up check-ups that will insure your proper fit and care in the handling of the lenses. 


Contacts we offer include:

  • Soft Contact Lenses

  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses

  • Disposable (Replacement Schedule) Contact Lenses

  • Color (Plano) Contact Lenses

  • Color Rx Contact Lenses

  • Bifocal Contact Lenses

  • Astigmatic /Toric Contact Lenses


Great selection of quality products! Whenever I need new frames, whether for eyeglasses or sunglasses, this is my go-to store. Never disappointed in the selection or the assistance provided in selecting the perfect pair. Adjustments to the frames are made without question whenever needed. In my experience from being a customer for many years, Eye Works strives to provide quality products made to the customer’s satisfaction. Highly recommended!

—  Ajay Sufi

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Trusted, independent, Locally Owned and Operated Since 1984


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