Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye Works’  licensed and independent Doctors of Optometry are always happy to take time to explain the latest options in vision correction with today’s ever-changing lifestyles. 

Prescription Eyeglasses

When your glasses call for new lenses, you can trust Eye Works. At Eye Works, your Eyewear is crafted using some of the best in lens technology offered by the industry leaders. 

Sunglasses & Sport Eyewear

LIFE IS SPORT. Sport happens on the field and off. Make everyday an exceptional day in optical eyewear designed for everyday comfort. At Eye Works, we offer the latest in sports-inspired designed frames with enhanced durability and Functionality in an array of colors that give you variety, Fit, and Style.  Eye Works is committed to your sports performance and safety. We are an authorized sports injury prevention center, and we carry an extensive selection of sport, swim and ski goggles in addition to sport and safety frames by RecSpec’s. 

Contact Lenses

Your vision should not be limited to certain house brands that a company offers. At Eye Works, we are able to offer some of the most successfully designed contact lenses providing you with optimum vision and comfort. We have contacts available to target specific eye problems like dry eyes, astigmatism, difficulty reading, and occupational and computer needs.

Computer Glasses 

Eye works is at the forefront of the latest developments in HEV Blue Light Protection Technology. 

Our Computer Glasses, as well as most of our progressive lenses, incorporate HEV Blue filter with the best Anti Reflective coatings, to alleviate DIGITAL EYE STRAIN while preserving your eye health

Children's Glasses

Eye Works offers a wide variety of frames and Sunglasses designed with the safety and wellness of children in mind.

Our labs use highly recommended Polycarbonate safety lenses for their every day as well as their sport or Sunglasses. 

Golf Glasses

At Eye Works we offer the Frames and lenses engineered to

provide a balance of target and background brightness and are tailored to golfers need. These lenses are specifically selected to provide optimum visual stimulation and distinct object illumination and provide unparallel eye protection, superior visual acuity along with astounding clarity across the green. No excuse to miss an eagle!

$100 OFF

Receive an instant $100.00 rebate on your next pair of eyeglasses

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