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10 Tips All Contact Lens Wearers Should Know And Practice

Contact lenses can make a big difference in your power to see well, but without the many negative aspects of regular glasses, like fogging in damp weather or pressing on your nose and ears. Here are some of the best tips to protect your eyes, manage your contacts and get the most out of them.

1. Follow Instructions Properly

You’ll get a lesson in contact care from your eye doctor or his/her staff when you first get your contacts. For your own protection, one of the most important things you can do is to follow those instructions properly.

2. Think Positive

Besides being unpleasant, an eye infection can do major damage to the eye and also even impact your vision. Constantly comply with the sanitation fundamentals: wash your hands as well as tidy your calls appropriately. Do not make use of the very same storage space container for longer than three months. Don't recycle options-- they are low-cost, while an eye infection might cost you greater than you can pay for to lose.

3. Explore Your Options

These lenses come in different shapes. They may be hard or soft, extended-wear or disposable. Each offers benefits but may also have some negative aspects, so take the time to think about your possible choices and try different types. Your eyes or personal situation may change over time as well.

4. Eye Protection

Glasses do give some protection against the wind and can protect against the sun. You’ll need to think ahead, especially if you’ve always worn the kind of glasses that darken in sunlight. Make sure you have a good quality pair of sunglasses and wear them religiously.

5. Summer Issues

Heat can fry your contacts. Don’t leave them in an area like your car glove box. You can get contacts with UV light protection, and if you’re particularly sensitive to bright light, you may want to combine them with sunglasses. Sunscreen isn’t good for your eyes or your contacts; apply carefully and wash your hands afterward.

6. Winter Issues

Cold, dry outside air and overheated dry air indoors can make your eyes dry as well. Contacts also tend to make your eyes a little drier than they would normally be. Use eye drops to help keep your eyes well-moisturized.

7. Basic Health Strategies

Taking care of your health makes a difference, whether you wear contacts or glasses. Make sure you get enough sleep – sleep disorder can certainly affect your eyes and your vision.

8. Nothing Lasts Forever

It's most likely not affordable to anticipate that you can wear the exact same get in touches with for five years; have regular appointments to see if your prescription needs to be altered. Trying to save loan by putting on non-reusable or 14-day get in touches with much longer than advised is throwing down the gauntlet. The lenses can begin to damage down as well as collect healthy proteins that boost the risk of eye infections.

9. Contacts and Cosmetics

Contact lenses can really make your gorgeous eyes noticeable compared to glasses. Enhance the effect and protect your eyes by using cosmetics properly. Put your lenses in before you apply make-up and take them out before you remove make-up.

10. Pay Attention

Eyes a little red or irritated? Your eyes seem to feel tired when you wear your contacts for long periods or when driving at night? These are early warning signals. Don’t ignore them, as they may get much worse very quickly.

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