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A Comprehensive Eye Exam in 5 Steps

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

In case of your eye problems, you must not wait for your visit to an eye specialist. This is a sensitive case, mind you. An eye specialist will conduct a necessary examination, keeping everything in mind to suggest suitable vision products including frames and lenses. An eye examination is properly done using advanced technology and comprehensive diagnostic equipment. It includes 5 steps:


This procedure consists of gathering all details pertaining to patient history. After which set of required examinations are carried out to establish the distinct vision needs. With a typical test, it is determined that exactly how these requirements can be satisfied. This includes the following test:

Color testing for color blindness.

Stereo acuity to judge the depth of space.

Non-contact tonometry for testing fluid pressure.

Auto-refraction for patient’s prescription.

Frequency doubling technology for peripheral vision complications.

Advanced pre-test

Ultra technologies may also be used to identify the health complication that exists in your eyes. It is done using retinal imaging scanner or spectra is HRT, using which 3 D image of the eye can be obtained. It can take a clear and broad picture of the retina to diagnose issues.

Eye exam

A thorough assessment of visual and optics.

Eye coordination and perception testing.

These processes are conducted to recognize all form of eye problem which may or may not have any symptoms. By detecting the problems or issues, necessary treatment options are suggested.

Lens technology

In order to attain vision correction for a patient, often lenses are suggested. Precisely used lenses can help get a better view with complete clarity. Lenses are suggested by doctors to ensure improvement.


When a proper vision enhancement product is already advised to a patient as per their unique vision needs, it is made sure that they aesthetically fit well for the patient. It is made sure that the shape and angle of the frame meet well with facial expressions. This is personalized as per patients needs.

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